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Paving stone and concrete patios are some of the most popular types of patios you will see. Many people choose to go either of these routes for their custom patio needs for a variety of reasons.

For starters, both concrete slabs and paving stones are incredibly durable. Installed by the right team at Palm Beach Paving Services, you could have a patio for life. They also require very little maintenance and in the case of paving stones, they are very easy to make repairs to.

There are many options available with respect to customization. Call our friendly team of patio pavers in West Palm Beach to help you understand these benefits and more.


The concrete and paving stone patios that our team provides for our clients are very long-lasting. When working with our team you can be sure that you are being delivered only the highest quality building materials available. The right materials will provide you with the right results. Moisture resistance, crack resistance, long-term visual appeal, you name it. Paving stone and concrete slab patios deliver it all. These types of products have been the gold standard for custom outdoor patios for many years and it is easy to tell why.

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Customization Options

There are many options available to you when we are designing your custom patio. If we are electing to construct a paving stone patio you will have the ability to choose different shapes, sizes, and colors of stones. You can even choose between different stone material types such as cobblestone and concrete pavers. If you are electing to have a concrete patio installed you have basic options as far as the shade of the concrete goes but if you are looking for a full range of options consider having a stamped concrete patio installed. We'd be happy to help you choose which option is best for you.

Brick Patio

Traditional brick patios are also very popular. One of the reasons that brick patios are so popular is that the material is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. For those who are wanting a custom patio installed but working within a budget, this could be the right option. Our team has ample experience installing brick in many different types of settings therefore we are confident that we can design, install, and finish your perfect brick patio in no time at all. We look forward to getting started in the near future.


One of the reasons that our patios are so durable and so long-lasting is that we implement special sealing techniques. Our sealing process involves using the right sealant for the job based on the material that your patio is constructed of. We combine the right sealant with the right tools and our many years of experience to provide you with a patio that is weatherproof and sure to last for a very long time. Not only does proper sealing make your patio more durable but it also makes it easier to clean! Proper sealing truly is a win-win.

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